25 January 2009

passion fruit && boston butt

cheerio! okay, so, yeah. i know i've kinda been MIA for a while now, but guess what!? I'M BACK! you thought you could get rid of me. you thought 3,500 miles would be enough to lose me. you thought a 5 hour time difference was enough to throw me off the scent. oh no. you're wrong. i'm back and you best be ready for more!

okay. so that was the original opening to a post that i started about 1 month ago, and i thought it was pretty witty, so i kept it in (along with the blog title, which i think had to do with valentine's day...not too sure). ANYwho. i wanted everyone to know that i am, in fact, very much alive and will be TRYING to add random updates/pictures whenever i can, during my last few weeks abroad. but, due to popular demand (aka threatening blog comments and facebook messages) here is a real quick update on the past 2 months (which will hopefully be elaborated in separate posts later on):

1) traveled to brussels/bruges, belgium. my passport was stolen. had to sneak back into the UK. i am now an illegal immigrant.

2) went to roller disco with the mates. only fell once, but it was due to a backside attack from a man in a business suit. clearly, not my fault.

3) won a free trip for 2 to stonehenge/bath. took along renee. met the aliens who put together the stones. swam in the roman baths. ate my first pasty.

4) went to my first footie game (portsmouth vs. everton). portsmouth won (YAY!). met the insanely sexy mr. niko kranjcar. renee couldn't speak. met a croatian television crew. renee spoke croatian. i pretended like i could understand them. bought a portsmouth scarf and football keychain. slept next to a drunk && crazy old man on the bus back to london.

5) went on a day trip to brighton. walked on the beach. ate a crepe. ate some ice cream. ate some japanese noodles. caught some flies on the bus back home.

6) oh yeah. and went to school.

well, there you have it! i hope you enjoyed the pictures and i'll be doing more random updates soon. much love!
- laurenlash

ps. i leave for athens, greece (to visit the beautiful and amazing helena and sara!) on friday for spring break! then the madre comes to visit me in londontown, and we hop over to paris. needless to say, much more fun to come :D

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  1. Uh oh, this means I have to make a blog post now...