13 January 2009


so it's now 06:30, and the padre wants to leave in 90 minutes, and that includes eating a french toast breakfast. i have 2 halfway filled suitcases that can allow a total of only 28 more pounds before i have to pay extra, i have 2 completely empty carryons, and my list of "last minute" tasks is one full page and growing. even as i stare at the London countdown (see first post) i am still in denial that i will be in london in less than 24 hours (after a 7 hour car ride and 7 hour plane ride. words cannot express my excitement! [i still can't decide if that's sarcastic or not]). i feel like i'm going back to the city (nyc, that is) for the next semester, and don't know when it will finally hit me. but anywho, i'm about to turn off my computer for the last time in the burgh, and just wanted to say cheerio! see you on the other side (of the pond).

all the best,
your newb world traveler.

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