17 January 2009

falling in love.

so i'm sitting here on sunday night enjoying my last few moments of complete freedom with a cup of twinings while listening to "the ting tings" (you should totes look them up) with a view of kings cross and st pancras stations in the distance. i know what you're thinking, can it get any better? well, my friends, i believe it can.

last night there occurred a moment of pure ecstasy. on our way back from an nyu social event at smithy's bar, a torrential downpour snuck out from behind the clouds and enveloped me in the epitome of pure london-ness. words cannot express the feeling of love that overcame me while i ran through the narrow winding streets and alleys past hundreds of brits sitting in the pubs, all warm and cozy, sipping their cider. once i reached NIDO, what my friends thought was a beacon of salvation (and dryness), i stood outside, arms opened wide, looking up at the sky, thanking God for letting me have this life-changing/enriching experience that i'll remember for the rest of my life.

okay, so enough of the sappy stuff. today was a "half day guided panoramic coach tour of London" and when they said half day, they meant it. 4 hours with an extremely energetic british woman (who knew anything and EVERYTHING about London) and her secret-lover-man-bus-driver Keith. after seeing buckingham palace, the tower bridge, the tower of london, big ben (and i don't mean the egotistic, bigheaded steelers quarterback), and st paul's cathedral, we sloooowly traveled down sloane st, drooling over the gorgeous, untouchable clothing items. and that brings me back to my lovely cup of cranberry, raspberry & elderflower tea.

in conclusion, i have found true love in london. love of the dim-lit pubs, energetic british-speaking tour guides, parliament buildings(...), tripping on cobblestone streets, rusty park benches, bent over trees, running through pouring down rain in suede boots, smokey stoops, and bad british food. i could get used to this.

(picture 1: the sexy girls after the rain; courtesy of laura)
(picture 2: dome of st. paul's cathedral; courtesy of me)

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  1. LAUREN your blog is amazing wonderful stupendous fantastic phenomenal!!! I'm so glad someone else is blogging about our amazing London life. This post was epicccccc and yes it was by far the most exhiliarating moment ever, and i can only imagine more moments like this are on the horizon :-D keep writing girl!!!