16 January 2009

the illegal crowd surfers.

so, it's offish. i'm in foggy london-town and yes. it is foggy :) it's kind of late here, so i'm just telling you i'm safe and happy and loving london a little too much! i love the streets, the buses, the phone booths, and i'm even loving how i almost got hit by a motorcycle not once, but twice! (btw. thank you renee and anthony for saving my life)

but anywho, cheers to the ULU loo, pub quizzes, amazing neighbors, dancing, accents, british advice, nigel freeman, aim/skype/facebook/the internet, and strongbow :)

a better post to follow. cheerio!

ps. picture courtesy of me. on shuttle ride from the airport to NIDO on 14/1/09


  1. Ahh! The comments work!

    P.S. - It will be hitting -10 F here in Pittsburgh tonight.