21 January 2009

the end of the end and back again.

good morning, everyone! as you can see, i survived my first 2 days of classes. all i can say is i better get in all of my weekend trips and release all of my touristy urges before classes get too intense. but in all honesty, i love my professors so far and am excited to actually study in a completely different country. go England!

but actually, i felt like i was back in the states for a few hours last night. as EVERYONE knows (and if you don't, you live under a rock and should stop reading this blog right now and pick up a bloody newspaper...and hit yourself with it) yesterday was the inauguration of now President Barack Obama. if you know me at all, it was a bittersweet event. being a republican, i voted for mccain, but i can't sit here and deny the fact that history has been made. it's amazing to see how much our country has progressed over the years, and i am interested to see how/if Obama follows through with his promises. anywho! in the spirit of the day, some friends and i went to Sports Cafe (an American-geared bar) and took part in all the red, white, and blue festivities. people in London were so excited for Obama's inauguration that i almost believed i was back in new york. needless to say, i sucked it up and sipped on some cider while listening to Britney Spears (and other classic American hits) and avoiding this one british man trying to scam us poor, stupid american girls. nice try. my mama taught me better!

however, in the end, i'm proud to be an american, but i'll enjoy being over here in londontown for obama's first few months ;) cheeriohhh snap!

picture cred: (the real big ben) thanks to, me!


  1. Ah, now I feel bad for not following British politics. Elizabeth's still the queen, right? ;)

  2. I'll return the favor: I'll follow your blog more. But what's this? You haven't posted in 5 days!


  3. alek: no, palin's coming over here to be prez because they were so impressed by her VP run :]
    and ps. you need to have a blog. i miss laughing at your wit.

    muchow: i'm posting soon. promise!

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